4 abril, 2022

Alejandro Valdez Sanabria

“Once we did the internal reorganization that allowed us to focus more clearly on our proposition of value, the next challenge was to communicate that, to […]
31 marzo, 2022

Yelitza Linares

“A major lesson we learned was to understand that we needed to start on  the path toward balancing content production and business priorities. Despite the fact […]
31 marzo, 2022

Chani Guyot

“The most important milestone for RED/ACCIÓN since its launch a little over three years ago is that, in the upcoming quarter, we will break even on […]
31 marzo, 2022

Antonio Junião Trampo

“Today, when we start discussing whether a Ponte employee’s work is good or not, we first take a look at the work processes  in place: are […]
31 marzo, 2022

Claudia Urquieta

“Among the biggest lessons learned fromVelocidad, the one I think I should highlight the most is the importance of having a sustainability team. Understanding that was […]
31 marzo, 2022

Diego Dell’ Agostino

“During the accelerator, we discovered key workflow processes and areas of our organization, including the finance area. Some of our achievements: we expanded production, multiplied our […]