These are the winners of Phase 2 and their plans at this stage

CIPER is working to strengthen membership as their principal source of income. Their sustainability strategy also includes the development of workshops and a fundraising annual event.

El Surti aims to expand its visual storytelling consulting company, developed in Phase 1 of Velocidad, to the regional level.

Posta focuses on positioning itself as a regional model in the podcast industry through the production of both news and branded content. 

El Pitazo seeks to improve the membership model implemented during the first phase, with the goal of enabling easy access to its payment platform.

RED/ACCIÓN is designing and developing a department specialized in branded content for socially responsible brands in Latin America. It is also working on an integrated strategy to grow membership.

Ponte Jornalismo is moving forward with the membership system implemented during the first phase of the program, while exploring a new content sales model and workshops.