7 October, 2021

CIPER (Chile): Restructuring your business model around your community

By: Lucía Cholakian Herrera When CIPER was chosen for the Velocidad media business accelerator program, the organization’s membership program was in its infancy. In 2018, the […]
18 August, 2021

Posta (Argentina): Financial organization is key for media outlet growth

Author: Aldana Vales Posta was a young podcast production company when selected for the Velocidad media business accelerator program. Even though the organization was founded in […]
9 June, 2021

Ponte Jornalismo (Brazil): How to professionalize your news team

When Brazilian media outlet Ponte Jornalismo launched, the team behind it was thinking exclusively about journalism. As Fausto Salvadori, one of the organization’s co-founders said, the […]
8 April, 2021

These are the winners of Phase 2 and their plans at this stage

CIPER is working to strengthen membership as their principal source of income. Their sustainability strategy also includes the development of workshops and a fundraising annual event. […]
8 April, 2021

Meet the winners of Phase 1

Cerosetenta (Colombia): A university-based digital native that combines journalism with academic research, Cerosetenta worked on creating the content agency Proyectos 070 to produce audiovisual content for […]