Meet the winners of Phase 1

    • Cerosetenta (Colombia): A university-based digital native that combines journalism with academic research, Cerosetenta worked on creating the content agency Proyectos 070 to produce audiovisual content for third parties, including video and podcast.
    • CIPER (Chile): An investigative journalism agency with influence in political and policy circles, CIPER wanted to strengthen its membership model using technologies to provide a more efficient and systematic management of its audience.
    • Convoca (Peru): Specialized in the investigation of political and corporate power networks, Convoca created an interactive digital data platform that media, universities and other subscribers can use to organize and analyze information on public interest topics.
    • El Pitazo (Venezuela): With a network of 53 correspondents and 800 citizen reporters, El Pitazo developed a membership model and improved its marketing process to support its in-depth investigations and content.
    • Lado B (Mexico): Based in Puebla, this digital outlet worked on developing a special projects unit for workshops, consultancies, and content for third parties. It also refined the marketing strategy for launching a membership model it has previously developed.
    • Ponte Jornalismo (Brazil): A digital media native covering human rights, justice, and public safety issues, Ponte developed a membership model and improved its content and production marketing to third parties.